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What Will You Do With You?

“Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by those who delight in them.”(Psalm 111:2)  I stop like a deer silent and still, when I consider the wonders of creation and especially the central creative theme of our individual uniqueness. This happened the other day when I walked into the fitness center and I met a new way to check in. There was a device into which you insert your finger. It registers your identification. Then each time you enter the building, you place your finger in the device and it recognizes your finger as being you. It detects the unique vein pattern of your finger.  Not only are my finger prints unique so is the vein pattern of my fingers. In fact, all of my fingers and every finger in the world a ...

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Part I: Unique and Marvelously Made



I tried to read but I was restless. Every once in a while I would lift my hips and shift my weight in the chair. It was a hard, sticky, and uncomfortable hospital chair and I had been sitting in it for several hours. I was in St. Edward Hospital tending to my mother-in-law, Ruth, who was recovering from surgery. She was not doing well. What I did not know was that she would die in a week from complications due to the surgery. I watched her as I sat there. She was in a deep sleep from which she would wake every once in a while, often times murmuring an inaudible sound and then returning to some deep place that seemed to welcome her.

As I observed ...

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Welcome to my blog and its initial posting. I look forward to sharing with you some of my thoughts, stories, teachings, poetry, and personal experiences. The central purpose is to encourage your heart and mind toward God in daily living by pointing to the importance of faith in our personal life. It has been said without faith man needs something to sustain him. Within the matrix of faith in God, I believe the Truth, Wisdom, and Hope found in the Bible guides and nourishes us through the twists and turns of daily life.

Life is neither simple nor easy, but we can cling to and depend on our faith in times of trials or when burdens are heavy. Faith also gives us a sense of gratitude as we rest, praise, laugh, and worship within the joys of life and the marvels of creation.


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