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Praise for Pressing into Thin Places

"Somehow we know that we were made for so much more than the things of this world. Nestle into a
comfortable chair and follow Margaret to a thin place where the invisible realm comes into focus.
Get ready to experience God and fresh revelations of hope."

—Pam Vredevelt
Best-selling author of The Power of Letting Go,
The Wounded Woman, and Empty Arm

"How beautifully Margaret portrays the thin places—the tender places—the most significant places of our souls. Her work is compelling and rich with passion. It is gripping, challenging, deeply moving. The canvas she paints not only reveals a vulnerable woman, but the brilliance of a mighty Savior. Ever revealing, ever present, a loving God who sees the painful, yet breathtaking realities of our lives. A God who reveals Himself in life-giving color. A God who sees you. Struggling to find the thin places of your life? This book is the first thing I would put in your hands."

—Tammy Maltby
Cofounder of It’s a Good Life
Media personality, TV cohost, and speaker
Author of Confessions of a Good Christian Girl and The God Who Sees You

"Margaret Wills' Pressing into Thin Places brought hope to my soul like the sight of crocuses
pushing through the frozen snow-covered ground. Resurrection life is real and it often surprises
us in the bleakest of winters, as these well-written stories reveal."

—Dee Brestin
Author of The God of All Comfort and The Friendships of Women

"Just as there are seasons of the year, there are seasons of life. There are happy times and there are times of darkness, discouragement, and despair. There are spring and summer seasons, and then there are, at times, very long winter seasons. One thing thatís needed in every season, but especially in the difficult ones, is encouragement. The gift of encouragement brings light into darkness, renews hope, and provides perspective. Sometimes itís all that's left to keep someone from giving up . . . it's a gift Margaret is generously giving to all of us in the form of this book."

—Dr. Gary J. Oliver
Executive Director of the Center for Relationship Enrichment
John Brown University

"Wills' book touched my heart! The diverse themes with the ever-prevailing golden thread of God's consistent and unconditional love are the message we are pursuing when in need of encouragement. [Wills'] writing style makes the reader to want to read on! This is a book that you will go back to from time to time for words that resonate with your life challenge of the moment."

—Sister Judith Marie Keith
Religious Sister of Mercy, Fort Smith, Arkansas

"The poetry and prose of Pressing into Thin Places do not offer facile or simplistic answers. It is a book that does offer the power of the archetypal scriptural leap of faith in dealing with the losses and tragedies that everyone must face and even the everyday pettiness to which all succumb. I like what Margaret Wills has to say and how she says it!"

—Shirley Forbes Thomas
Retired Professor of English and Director of Honors
John Brown University

"I've been a fan of Margaret Willsí writings for more than 25 years. This book is a source of encouragement to anyone who needs strength, hope, or courage. It is scripture-based and helps us refocus our thinking. It is exactly what is needed for anyone who is ready to move forward in life."

—Rick Renner
Senior Pastor, Moscow Good News Church
Moscow, Russia


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